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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Illegal Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse

Is this health?

“Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom.  Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil.  Then you will have healing to your body and strength to your bones.”  ~  Proverbs 3:7-8, NLT

In a world where sicknesses, disease, and deficiencies in health run rampant, what more do we need than a healthier life?  Just last month, the United States saw the worst influenza epidemic than it had seen for decades.  One of the causes for this is, of course, our increasingly unhealthy way of life.

With the emergence of cheap, fast food and partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil preserving food for much longer than seventy years ago, we are taking things into our body that are destroying it slowly from the inside out.  Tobacco, illicit drugs, and overindulgence in alcohol also play a large part in this unhealthy state that the world is in today.  Even going so far as to overindulge in things that are good for the body, such as complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals also harm the body.

There is, however, something else that is a primary factor in our health in this day and age.  Today’s scripture tells us that we believe that we know so much about the human body and what constitutes it that many of us consider ourselves wise.  While some people are indeed wise, their wisdom pales in comparison to our Lord’s wisdom.

Satan is a crafty being.  We will give him that.  He’s a trickster, manipulator, and a master of lies.  He can make things seem so good to us that we forget that some things are forbidden from us by God.  Even a direct command from God can be overshadowed in lies from Satan, such as in the Garden of Eden when a direct connection with God was established!

What do we do, then?  How can we truly be healthy and a part of God’s almighty healing body?  The Bible says that we will know the voice of our Lord when He speaks.  Running away from evil is strength not only to our bones, but to our spirit.  We begin to discern that which is good for us and that which is not.

That cupcake looks delicious… maybe ten cupcakes is amazing!  Or, in my case, chocolate.  I will eat chocolate until I pass out, but I know that it’s not good for my temple (body); therefore, I attempt to moderate my consumption of the sweet little morsels for the sake of my health.

Addiction is a terrible thing.  It causes us to lose our reasonable personalities when it comes to moderation.  We must, individually and as a society, flee from the evils of addiction and turn to healthier alternatives.  More natural foods, locally grown, and most importantly, food that is not chemically altered.  Unfortunately, this may mean paying out a bit more for what builds our bodies up instead of tears it down.

The plus side?  Following God’s will for our bodies, lives, and spirit will bring health and healing to us!  Follow God and His wisdom, not your own.  Then you will have health and healing!

Go with God, and He will Go with you.


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