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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” ~ Proverbs 14:23, NIV

Working from Home

Work in private. Be rewarded in public. That is a blessing from God.

Work is naturally aversive to human beings.  There is no doubt about that.  Work takes up energy that might otherwise be used to sustain the organs and keep the body moving in a threatening situation.  How many times now, though, are we put into situations that require us to use up our stored energy- fat- to sustain us?

Work, my brothers and sisters, is a holy thing.  It increases one’s quality of life, and it flows with the will of God.  we are actually meant to be stewards of the earth; tilling it, cultivating it, planting seed, and, overall, making it a better place daily.

One of my favorite sayings and most cherished beliefs is to “leave things a little better than you found them.”  To do this, it takes a bit of effort on my part or on the part of whomever is attempting to make things a little better.  The work will pay off!  Have faith in that!

At the workplace, though, it seems that we’re all neglected and that our hard work is all for naught.  We begin to believe, “I don’t get any further recognition for my hard work… why do it?”  Well, friends, I have to agree with you.  We normally don’t get any recognition or promotions or raises from our employers if we add extra effort- work- to our day jobs.  But I will tell you what will happen:  God will see your effort.  He will notice that you are working diligently.  He will know that you’re striving to work hard and make the world, workplace, or life better than it is now, and you will be blessed by Him for it.

So please, do not be like so many others that moan that there is no justice in the world.  The world is indeed unfair, but we serve a just and gracious God who sees the hard work we do and will reward us openly for it!


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