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Thursday, January 31, 2013


“Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.” ~ Matt. 5:15, KJB (Camb. Ed.)

When I was young, I use to love lighting candles and carrying them in the dark.

A triptic of tea light candles.

The Light of God casts out all darkness.

That, or oil lamps.  They just seemed so much more natural than fluorescent lighting.  While I was playing around in my youth, I realized that the higher I put the candle, the more light it gave off to the room.  For that reason, I normally put it on top of the television in the living room.

Unfortunately, it never gave off enough light for me to see very far past a one or two foot radius from the t.v.  So, I lit another candle and put it on the counter!  When I realized that there still wasn’t enough light in the house, I lit another candle from the flame of the one that was already burning… then another, and another.  Soon, the house had at least five or six candles shedding their light down from somewhere higher than a coffee table.

Isn’t this the way the world works today?  The world is a dark place.  Thieving, murder, sexual immorality, scandals, false witness… the list goes on and on; however, darkness flees from the light.  We, as Christians, are the lights of God in this world.  Our light, or belief and obedience to God, must be displayed for all to see.  Not as the hypocrites who pray loudly for their own glory, but in a way that captivates those people who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ yet.

In this way, we are like candles.  We let our flame dance in the night, giving light to all.  Soon, another candle will be lit from our burning wick.  That candle will go into the night, drawing in another candle and lighting it.  This happens again and again, with more and more candles lighting other candles.

That is the ministry of Jesus Christ.


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