Hello, and welcome to The Practical Christian!

Everyone that is born starts out as an infant.  When that infant grows, it begins to learn and behave in the ways that it is taught.  There are many ways that a boy grows into a man or a girl grows into a woman.


Every decision takes us down a different path.

Operant conditioning, laws of association, and observational learning are merely a handful of the many ways that people learn to make choices in life.  What would be best for us when deciding what products to buy, churches to attend, hobbies to take up, habits to stop, or coupons to clip?

There may not be a clear-cut answer for everyone.  Which path is a path that will benefit us in life?  Which fork of the road leads to prosperity?  That’s why this blog exists: to give those who don’t have a set destination information on what may lie ahead on the road before them.

Chances are, if you’re visiting this page you’re already a follower of Jesus Christ or are at least curious as to the rich culture of those who follow the path laid out in the Holy Bible.  Whatever the reason for your visiting, I hope that what you find here is an enriching experience.

First of all, I’d like to explain to you what this site is and what it is not:

What this site is NOT

  • An attempt to coerce anyone into Christianity.
  • A site that says you’re going to suffer eternal punishment if you don’t follow the teachings of Jesus.
  • A place where we say your philosophies are wrong.

What this site IS

  • An attempt to provide wisdom for the struggles of day-to-day life in the world today, including shopping tips and sermons.
  • A site that spreads the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • A site that incorporates the science of behavioral psychology and the Bible to help explain why people do the things they do and scientifically supported methods to change one’s way of thinking and normal, everyday behaviors.
  • A place to come for hope, encouragement, direction, and purpose.

Please enjoy your time here, and God bless you.